Stoneware is clay that has been fired to a high temperature so that the molecules fuse together or vitrify and make the pottery non porous. Many pieces are hand painted with colour that is then fired on. Where a glaze is used it is sprayed on, which together with the firing effects, gives terrific variety to the finish. Some of the pieces are fired in a gas kiln where, by manipulating the air supply to the gas flame, I can effect the colours of the glazes used.

Bronze Resin

The original models are sculpted in clay which is then (usually) fired to convert it to ceramic. A fibreglass and silicon rubber mould is made from this. Bronze resin (sometimes referred to as cold cast bronze) is a polyester resin into which bronze metal powder is mixed. This is poured into the mould where it sets. After fettling and polishing the resulting sculpture is treated with antiquing wax. Because of the high proportion of bronze powder these pieces will patinate over time in the same way as solid bronze.